Hello! So I've been sitting on this for a bit, and CuriousB finally gave me the go-ahead! :D Hearts and stars and stuff!

I've re-textured 32 of Criquette's neighborhood deco objects to match CuriousB's road replacements. They include the bridges, the road and highway pieces, the tramway and loop, sidewalk, bus stop and terminal, cruise ship terminal, and airport terminal. So basically everything except the walkway/park pieces, and the train objects.

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A couple unavoidable issues: all pieces will appear a little lighter than the road at night in neighborhood view, and there are also light differences between tiles and lotskirt depending on time of day. This is a result of internal light settings created by EA, and the Radiance Light mod. I suspect the roads have their own lighting entry as an object, different from floor tiles.

I recently uninstalled the Radiance Lighting Mod and it improved the lot shading issues, but I haven't tested the hood view at night.

IMPORTANT: These are not new objects. They share the same GUIDs as Criquette's files and have the same filenames, so extract to the same folder and allow them to overwrite. If you want to go back to Criquette's original textures, just re-download from her MTS page.

With permissions; Thank you so much CuriousB for the amazing road replacements, and thank you Criquette for all your fabu hood deco.


Requires: Nightlife, University and possibly Bon Voyage. Please see Criquette's MTS pages for exact requirements.

I *loooove* TS3 conversions. Love them. But this curtain had a pattern I didn't find myself too enamored with. So I did photoshop magic and made them plain linen, as well as slightly tweaked the fancy rod so that it doesn't sink in to ceiling tiles. I also threw in a swell IKEA-inspired texture, because I effing need those curtains; if not in real life, in sim world *le sigh*

Conversion of the mesh was done by TheNinthWave, and is included in the rar.

Update: I went ahead and made another recolor with smaller circles, and also cleaned up the textures somewhat, so please redownload.


Dish them pics... )

These dishes were made repository by hokadk47 over at sims2artists. My recolors are intended for said slave objects, but should also still recolor the original SimsDesignAvenue dish shelf. None of the meshes are included, please visit the S2A thread for full information.

FYI: the dish meshes are slaved to hokadk47's edited "etagere" mesh, which itself is slaved to meublehaut1, so you need both of those meshes in order to avoid any blue flashing stuff.

The wood texture shown has flipped shading.. I'm too lazy to take a new screenshot :/

edit: I uploaded the wrong archive; redownload please. The new archive has the proper shading on the wood dishes (the thumbnail shows the old flipped one).


ADDED 04/16/2012: I've created a default replacement for the Maxis dinnerware, using the scallopped white plate texture. Please be sure you do not have any other default replacement files for plates/bowls already :)


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For some reason this maxis painting was never made recolorable with the CEP, and I needed some huge ornate neoclassic portraits. This has the same GUID as the maxis object, and will replace the original, but please take care because the ingame thumbnail will now have an asterisk on it, as if it were custom content. I think that can be resolved it you place the meshclone package somewhere in the installation folder for Apartment Life, but I'm not sure where...

I tried to improve the texture of the frame for the default picture, since it was pretty pixelated. I've also included five extra recolors, seen in the cut above.


Requires: Apartment Life

Just two little recolors, cream and green, of the round Ikea PS rug that came with the Ikea Stuff Pack, so unfortunately it means this is not basegame compatible :/

The inspired dandelion seed pattern is by the wonderful textile artist Thomas Paul.


Requires: Ikea Stuff

Just a few simple recolors of AnYe's awesome mesh, which is included in the archive :D You can find the entire mesh set at Pinkbox Design, as well as more amazing stuff.


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