This is for GOS's theme this month; default replacements of the horrible striped pants and neon pink jacket outfits. The three textures share across tf/ya/af, and are intended for use with CatOfEvilGenius' soft edit of tfbodyhipjacket.

clicky for a picky )

The mesh is included in the RAR, but please also visit Cat's page at MTS2 for all information.

Update 04/22/12: Gwenke at GOS showed me a bodyshop lighting issue, and while not present in my game I agree it was best to fix it for bodyshop anyway :O So, please redownload.


Three pinup-style outfits. The blouse and beige skirt comes in two styles, one ready for the day with court gloves, and the other de-bloused to just the undershell.

Alpha Skirt Mesh by Marvine@MTS2 is included in the cheetah and annie archives, but not in the white&beige :/


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