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Here are all of my old eyeliners.


Lalaland only has top lashes, rocksteady has no lashes just wings+waterline eyeliners, and three kings is a compound of the two with stylized lines.
Pearl Blade

Has pearly-looking shadow and light contouring, with heavy liner and lashes.
Zine Liner

A simple waterline eyeliner with lashes that was painted to go with the zine eyeshadows.

These liners a bit special in that the actual 3d eyelash, the one you can adjust the length of in bodyshop, is colored softly.
Mixed Lashes & Liners

Flirty is just some eyelashes, a bit longish, no eyeliner. Sweeper is a standard cateye with some lashes. Pearl Ibis is similar to Pearl Blade but with heavy liner wings.

Trines123 | Pearl Blade | Zine Liner | Backlash Liner | Mixed Lashes & Liner
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