I actually own this chair, truly, it's in my living room next to some other "stockholmy" type stuff. So when I saw this mesh I just HAD to... make five inspired replicas of a few popular patterns. I'm not sure if AnnoSims is the official place for SimsDivine content, but that's where you can find more of their stuff. However, the needed mesh is included.


This is a great hot tub by k8 at Parisomonious Sims, but I needed neutral tones. So I made some :P

Comes in black, grey and white, each with a subset trim+bottles. Mesh included, but check out the whole set here.

Five recolors of some desktop clutter by Nofrills. The lamp and flowers are not part of the object mesh. The filenames are numbered in the order of the thumbnails, TBLR. Mesh included.


Click for more pics... )

Five recolors of the free placemat in the Murray theme from simplan-x. Since simplan-x website has closed, I've uploaded the required mesh in raw package format.

The recolors are labelled by appearance; the black one is sisal.


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