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For some reason this maxis painting was never made recolorable with the CEP, and I needed some huge ornate neoclassic portraits. This has the same GUID as the maxis object, and will replace the original, but please take care because the ingame thumbnail will now have an asterisk on it, as if it were custom content. I think that can be resolved it you place the meshclone package somewhere in the installation folder for Apartment Life, but I'm not sure where...

I tried to improve the texture of the frame for the default picture, since it was pretty pixelated. I've also included five extra recolors, seen in the cut above.


Requires: Apartment Life

Just two little recolors, cream and green, of the round Ikea PS rug that came with the Ikea Stuff Pack, so unfortunately it means this is not basegame compatible :/

The inspired dandelion seed pattern is by the wonderful textile artist Thomas Paul.


Requires: Ikea Stuff

Just a few simple recolors of AnYe's awesome mesh, which is included in the archive :D You can find the entire mesh set at Pinkbox Design, as well as more amazing stuff.

rensim: Eater of Mallows (Monsto)
TOU: Don't use my textures for profit, anywhere, period. I will curse you with perpetual stubbing of the toe.

Other than that, whatever. Credit is nice. Actually it's really nice; I purse my lips whenever someone else gets credit for my teeth textures, and I don't need the wrinkles!

- Ren

I actually own this chair, truly, it's in my living room next to some other "stockholmy" type stuff. So when I saw this mesh I just HAD to... make five inspired replicas of a few popular patterns. I'm not sure if AnnoSims is the official place for SimsDivine content, but that's where you can find more of their stuff. However, the needed mesh is included.


This is a great hot tub by k8 at Parisomonious Sims, but I needed neutral tones. So I made some :P

Comes in black, grey and white, each with a subset trim+bottles. Mesh included, but check out the whole set here.


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