Sep. 17th, 2010 12:25 pm
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This was one of my first eye templates, which grew to a large series of varied themes. None of these packages, except for the default replacements, have any clear filesnames. Pretty much all of them use the bodyshop random prefix followed by the all-encompassing project name. Sorry -_-

Basic consists of eight colors: light blue, violet-blue, black and grey, green and hazel, gold/amber, and a dark brown. The default replacements use both blues, green, grey, and dark brown. Also in the "Basic" group is a very dark blue, green and purple.
Magic & B-sides has a slightly modified iris, but the reflections and sclera remain the same for the most part. The four b-side eyes have no iris, and three of the magic eyes are multicolored. "Ookpik" was specially named for a forum member. There are no defaults in this group.
Aliens & Vampire is appropriately named. The alien texture comes in black, purple, orange, green, dark blue, red, light blue, yellow (not pictured), and two pearly whites. There is also a pearly one with a metallic feather doodle overtop. The default replacements use the standard black alien eye texture, and the red vampire eye.

Take note that this vampire replacement is meant to combine with the default maxis overlay, and so has NO BODY OVERLAYS.
Morcalivan is a large set of slit-pupil eyes. This was a prize given to the winner of a contest I held; it was at their request I add slits to several magic eyes, and I tossed in a few alien and bsides as well. There are no default replacements from this set currently, however I hope to make pet defaults eventually.

Note: Be sure you do not have any conflicting default replacements for the standard, alien and/or vampire eyes before adding any from the confutatis series to your download folder.


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