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These dishes were made repository by hokadk47 over at sims2artists. My recolors are intended for said slave objects, but should also still recolor the original SimsDesignAvenue dish shelf. None of the meshes are included, please visit the S2A thread for full information.

FYI: the dish meshes are slaved to hokadk47's edited "etagere" mesh, which itself is slaved to meublehaut1, so you need both of those meshes in order to avoid any blue flashing stuff.

The wood texture shown has flipped shading.. I'm too lazy to take a new screenshot :/

edit: I uploaded the wrong archive; redownload please. The new archive has the proper shading on the wood dishes (the thumbnail shows the old flipped one).


ADDED 04/16/2012: I've created a default replacement for the Maxis dinnerware, using the scallopped white plate texture. Please be sure you do not have any other default replacement files for plates/bowls already :)


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Date: 2012-02-11 12:31 pm (UTC)
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These textures are all kinds of gorgeous! Thanks!

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